My First Post

Why I’m blogging:

I love reading fashion and style blogs. I love putting together outfits, picking out clothes, helping my friends shop. When I was in high school, feeling dejected about how shopping with my skinny friends left me always feeling disappointed, I discovered plus size fashion blogs. These girls had styyyle. They were non-skinny girls who looked good in clothes. Woah. I didn’t know this was possible, it was the first time I ever saw anyone with curves and style. And they even called themselves fat! Gabi Gregg of, at the time called her blog Young, Fat & Fabulous and that title definitely struck a chord with me. I was young! I was fat! I was fabulous! All I could think was, “That girl looks great even though she is way bigger than me.” It was very important to me at that time that I told myself I was smaller-than-plus and that I pointed out that she was “way bigger than me.” I didn’t want to identify as fat or plus the way these girls did (but at the same time I was begging for H&M to have pants in a bigger size. Just one size up, please!). These blogger babes were bigger than me and  had way cooler style. Boom! It was attainable aspiration like I had never had before. I wanted to be her and she was not unlike me.

Yes, I can often fit in straight sizes but straight sizes were not made with a my-size girl in mind. After years of discovering little things about myself (like plus sizes fit my shape a million times better) and being true to myself (c’mon, I am plus sized and identifying as plus is totally fine), I am finally doing what those cool leaders in the plus fashion world do: they blog about it.


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