Fabulous Las Vegas


Las Vegas. It’s a weird place.

Joe’s sister was getting married in Vegas, and we took full advantage of the situation. Between the wedding, the animals, and the cool ferris-wheel-open-bar situation we had a really fun time. I have to say, it is not exactly my kind of place. I like authenticity and culture and this odd place is a replica of many of these authentic places all lumped together in one unwalkable town. There’s a pyramid, there’s an Italian villa, there’s a version of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State building all on the main stretch.

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel, and we ran into these guys…



Then we met this Komodo Dragon guy…


See this pool? We went in that. See that ferris wheel thing behind it?

We did that too. And there was a full (open) bar inside. As many drinks as we want while it goes around for a half hour? Yes please.






You may recognize that dress from my last post… It was a great Vegas dress!

We had a great time exploring.





I wore this outfit to a magic show, then out and about. Props to my boyfriend, Joe, for these cute pics. I love this outfit. The desert weather meant I pulled out all of my summer clothes for a second. How nice! Hello sandals!

Crop Top: ASOS Curve.
Denim Jacket: handed down from my mom. Similar here.
Sandals: Birkenstocks.
Necklace: H&M.
Earrings: Baublebar (in gold here).


And then there was the wedding.

FullSizeRender(11)  IMG_2053

IMG_2084     IMG_2075

IMG_1587 IMG_1589


I had a great time getting all dolled up for this wedding! My glam up do- and Joe in a tux!!!



Fabulous Las Vegas was about what Brandon Flowers cracked it up to be. I had a great time. I’m in no rush to get back to it, but it sure was a fun getaway.

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