Snow Chic

Well- there was a huge blizzard. Maybe you heard about it? No snow all winter, a 70 degree December, and then bam. One Saturday spent snowed in. Result: ~30 inches of snow, two bottles of wine drank, and lots of new episodes watched on Netflix.


After lots of kitty snuggles and a full day in pajamas, it was time to get out again.




Yikes. Those bikes are buried.


I stole my boyfriend’s flannel, and glammed it up with some red lipstick. In NYC, a touch of glam can’t hurt.


Boots: L.L. Bean
Leggings: Lyssé at Hey Gorgeous!Bag: similar here.
Flannel: stole from my boyfriend, Joe. Sorry (not sorry) Joe! Similar here.
Coat: from Hey Gorgeous!, similar here.
Gloves: Orvis, similar here.
Sunglasses: Old Navy, similar here.
Hat: Forever 21, similar here. Fun fact: I was once cat-called as a, “Witch…cowboy,” in this hat. Which I most definitely took as a compliment.


Like always, shout out to my boyfriend who not only took these photos, but who donated his shirt and lost feeling in his toes for this post. He wasn’t wearing snow boots, smh.


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