Bicoastal Besties

My bestie from back home came to visit. She left her extremely hectic overwhelming life as a Hollywood assistant in LA for the most hectic and overwhelming city in the world- and to see me. This was her first time visiting me since moving out of Manhattan. We filled the trip with Broadway shows, singing Hamilton, and of course letting her catch up with my friends who might like her more than they like me. Because everyone likes Brittany. Just look at her!



That right there is a cool girl.

Though we may appear as total opposites (because I’m tall and blonde and curvy and Brittany is none of those), we are soul sistas who love musicals, eating all the ethnic foods, belting La Vie Boheme at the start of all road trips, and remembering the #basic girls that wore Ed Hardy tracksuits in high school…




I’m trying to convince Brittany that she needs to move to NYC. This girl has the, “busy, buzz off plz,” look stamped on her forehead. The, “overdressed and over-stressed,” look together perfectly. She would make such a great New Yorker. Plus, she doesn’t even like kale.


Though I am critical of Brittany’s ombre hair looking, “Soooo LA!” she is killin the cold weather fashion game that is February in NYC. Sassy Sam Edelman booties, a camel coat, and Ray Bans for the occasional sunny day.

Get Brittany’s look:

Coat: ASOS, also available in Petite and Tall.
Booties: Sam Edelman
Shades: Ray Bans
Scarf: Target. Similar here.
Pants: Uniqlo


Brittany is the reason that I have seen Jimmy Fallon’s show in person 4 times, the reason why I am still entering the Hamilton lottery even though I have already seen it (I know, envy me!), the reason why I am up-to-date on literally anything pop culture related at all. She is my fan girl friend, my internet-aholic pal, my social media savvy superstar, my extreme movie watcher woman, my content-consuming confidant. She is the Beyonce to my Adele. She is the Mindy Kaling to my Lena Dunham. The Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler.



Above is Brittany’s face when reading news that the next Star Wars lead is going to be a Vietnamese American woman. (Are you reading this, Kelly Marie Tran?? Because if you are, I got the perfect assistant for you. And you need to up your social media game, girl!)  She is clawing her way up the Hollywood ladder to change our mediascape for the better, to finally include some diverse women in the industry. While I try to better the lives of plus size women through fashion, Brittany is fashion (obviously), and she wants us to consume media that is created by someone who looks more like her. And for that, we bow down. Because it is just too damn hard to name 5 Asian female actresses in Hollywood, and that is messed up.



A big shout out to my dear Brittany Vu for encouraging me to work harder and reminding me why I am doing what I am doing, for always introducing me to the most delicious Asian foods, and for being the best person to sing along with to Hamilton. You can follow her on Instagram @brittanyvu, but you should really follow her on Twitter @missbvu so you can stay up to date on her fangirling.

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