Who What Wear for Target

As soon as I heard about the Who What Wear collection for Target, and that it had plus sizes (!!) I had to check it out. Because NYC’s Targets are just not great, I shopped it all online and had a really positive experience. These pants? So comfy. I’ve since bought them in black too.

You’ll recognize my shoes from a previous post. They’re one of my go-to’s. The jacket is actually from Forever 21 last year, but the top and pants are both from Target’s Who What Wear collection. I also ordered a black button down, but it was just a bit too small and gaped in the bust- one of my biggest pet peeves. I couldn’t order this dress online (technical difficulties, I suppose)- but my amazing LA bestie Brittany (you know, that girl from my last post!) grabbed me one and FedExed it my way. Expect it to be in an upcoming post. Once it’s, you know, warm in New York so it just might be in May.

Polka Dot Top: Who What Wear for Target
The best pants: Who What Wear for Target
Shoes: Franco Sarto, Nordstrom

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