A Jumpsuit & A Bestie

So, if you didn’t already realize, I’ve kind of abandoned this blog. It’s been a few months… Happy summer! I’m back!

I thought maybe I should get back to regularly posting and sharing the clothes and people that make me happy. So here I am, sharing a post featuring my favorite jumpsuit and my adorable friend Teddi.


If you’ve ever worn a jumpsuit for more than an hour, you know the major flaw with jumpsuits (and rompers for that matter): going to the bathroom. If the zipper is in the back, you need a trusted friend to come with you to the bathroom for zipper help. This jumpsuit? Help is required. That’s where Teddi comes in!


Yeah gurl.


Teddi recently got this adorable dress with a pearled collar and I asked her to wear it to work one day so that she could take some photos with me afterwards. Because she’s a good friend, she did just that. Oh and she zipped me into and out of this jumpsuit.



Teddi is my shopping pal. Mostly, she goes shopping in my closet. Sometimes, she comes in and shops with me in person. Always, she opts for a fit and flare dress. And it looks good on her! But c’mon teddi, branch out and try something new. One day I’ll post her wearing a jumpsuit. It’ll be in about 300 years but she’ll go for it then.


The first time I met Teddi was during Welcome Week at NYU, on a group walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Teddi kept insisting we’d be best friends. I was skeptical. But look at us now! We’re Netflix friends, Hulu pals, and the best pet-sitting duo there ever was.



European vibes!



Love that pearl collar/wine lipstick/cat-eye sunnies combo. Presh!
Kinda grandma-glam. Glama? That’s a good way of describing Teddi, she’s my fairy glamother.



If you want to know what I’ve been living in all summer, here it is: culottes. Not only are they super trendy, but they’re extremely easy to wear. When the heat is so bad and the humidity is at its stickiest, I don’t want my thighs to stick to the bench on the subway, and culottes are the perfect silhouette for max air flow and minimum thigh exposure. When I saw this denim culotte jumpsuit at Eloquii’s booth at #TheCURVYCon, I had to try it on.

I’m not a big jumpsuit person. I like them- I’m just scared of them not fitting right. I’m scared the torso will be too short and weird things will happen in the crotch area. Thanks to this super stretchy, bra-friendly jumpsuit, I’m getting over my jumpsuit fear.


Here’s our outfit details:

Denim Culotte Jumpsuit – Eloquii
Flatform Sandals – Target
Bucket Bag – Rebecca Minkoff bought at a stoop sale, similar here
Sunglasses – Hey Gorgeous!

Pearl Collar Dress – Betsey Johnson, at Lord & Taylor
Flats –  similar here
Sunglasses – Quay Australia, here
Lipstick – Maybelline 24 Hr in Everlasting Wine



Like always, a huge thank you to my boyfriend Joe who doubles as my photographer when I’m nice to him. And to Teddi, for being Teddi. ❤


PS- Did you know that Brittany Vu is moving to NYC at the end of August?! Teddi is so excited, she cannot contain it.



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