Cool, lots.

Like I said in my last post, my summer uniform has been culottes. Lots. Lots of culottes.



Culottes are not only a super trendy piece this summer, they’re also just extremely practical. And when does trend meet practicality? Practically never.


If shorts aren’t your jam, you have no reason to rule out culottes. They’re long enough to cover your knee but being wide-legged, they still get a lot of ventilation. Meaning they’re cool. Lots.

They also generally are great chub-rub preventers. If you don’t know what chub-rub is, consider yourself lucky.

IMG_9482 2


A light linen shirt, strappy sandals, and culottes are a perfect summer look for a day that has far too much humidity.


At the beginning of the summer, maybe Memorial Day, I went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for some food and drink and shopping. It was that first day of a new season where everyone in New York remembers how much they like dressing. It was that first-day-of-summer-outfit and I saw countless cool girls wearing denim culottes with a dip-dye hem. I instantly needed to have them too. I thought that it would be something pretty difficult to find in plus sizes, but good ole Lane Bryant came in clutch with this pair that is super duper stretchy.


And if you thought that was the only pair of culottes I’m sporting this summer- well, there’s more where that came from. Stay tuned for lots and lots of culottes. As my boyfriend Joe says, “I like your culottes. They make you look cool, lots.”

Outfit details:
Top: ASOS CurveCulottes: Here is a pleated version at Lane Bryant, unfortunately not on sale anymore. But they have some more culottes. Know who else has some super cute plus size culottes? Who What Wear for Target. I think they are killin’ it with that collection!
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever21, similar here.
Sunglasses: on the street for $10. Similar here.


A big shoutout to my roomie Meghna for being photographer this time!  Thanks, gurl. You rock.


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