Bohemian Babe

This summer has been a time of change, transition, and growth for me. I have decided to pursue modeling, I have changed jobs, and I have even managed to set aside some time that’s for just me. Vacation time!

As far as fashion goes, I’m wearing what makes me happy. This bohemian dress makes me happy. It’s white, which is almost never a recommended color to girls above a certain size, and it’s shapeless, which is never ever recommended to women who wear plus sizes. But I love it. It’s flowy, freeing, fun, and embodies the carefree feeling that I am feeling right now, being on vacation between jobs. It’s #fullandfearless. And it’s so summery. I know summer is coming to an end- but my vacation starts next week and I just can’t wait.









This has to be one of the fastest photo shoots that I’ve ever done. I was wearing this outfit to meet up with friends for happy hour, and decided to bring my camera down to snap some shots before getting on the train. It took about 3 minutes. And I attribute it all to the easy, breezy, carefree feeling of this dress.

I soon will be in California, sunning myself on a beach. I plan on bringing this dress and using it like a swimsuit cover up. It definitely is a bit sheer, so I wore Spanx underneath to ensure no peeping.

Dress: Boohoo.
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, thrifted.
Shoes: Dolce Vita, Nordstrom.


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