Bohemian Babe

This summer has been a time of change, transition, and growth for me. I have decided to pursue modeling, I have changed jobs, and I have even managed to set aside some time that’s for just me. Vacation time!

As far as fashion goes, I’m wearing what makes me happy. This bohemian dress makes me happy. It’s white, which is almost never a recommended color to girls above a certain size, and it’s shapeless, which is never ever recommended to women who wear plus sizes. But I love it. It’s flowy, freeing, fun, and embodies the carefree feeling that I am feeling right now, being on vacation between jobs. It’s #fullandfearless. And it’s so summery. I know summer is coming to an end- but my vacation starts next week and I just can’t wait.









This has to be one of the fastest photo shoots that I’ve ever done. I was wearing this outfit to meet up with friends for happy hour, and decided to bring my camera down to snap some shots before getting on the train. It took about 3 minutes. And I attribute it all to the easy, breezy, carefree feeling of this dress.

I soon will be in California, sunning myself on a beach. I plan on bringing this dress and using it like a swimsuit cover up. It definitely is a bit sheer, so I wore Spanx underneath to ensure no peeping.

Dress: Boohoo.
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, thrifted.
Shoes: Dolce Vita, Nordstrom.


Cool, lots.

Like I said in my last post, my summer uniform has been culottes. Lots. Lots of culottes.



Culottes are not only a super trendy piece this summer, they’re also just extremely practical. And when does trend meet practicality? Practically never.


If shorts aren’t your jam, you have no reason to rule out culottes. They’re long enough to cover your knee but being wide-legged, they still get a lot of ventilation. Meaning they’re cool. Lots.

They also generally are great chub-rub preventers. If you don’t know what chub-rub is, consider yourself lucky.

IMG_9482 2


A light linen shirt, strappy sandals, and culottes are a perfect summer look for a day that has far too much humidity.


At the beginning of the summer, maybe Memorial Day, I went to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for some food and drink and shopping. It was that first day of a new season where everyone in New York remembers how much they like dressing. It was that first-day-of-summer-outfit and I saw countless cool girls wearing denim culottes with a dip-dye hem. I instantly needed to have them too. I thought that it would be something pretty difficult to find in plus sizes, but good ole Lane Bryant came in clutch with this pair that is super duper stretchy.


And if you thought that was the only pair of culottes I’m sporting this summer- well, there’s more where that came from. Stay tuned for lots and lots of culottes. As my boyfriend Joe says, “I like your culottes. They make you look cool, lots.”

Outfit details:
Top: ASOS CurveCulottes: Here is a pleated version at Lane Bryant, unfortunately not on sale anymore. But they have some more culottes. Know who else has some super cute plus size culottes? Who What Wear for Target. I think they are killin’ it with that collection!
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever21, similar here.
Sunglasses: on the street for $10. Similar here.


A big shoutout to my roomie Meghna for being photographer this time!  Thanks, gurl. You rock.


A Jumpsuit & A Bestie

So, if you didn’t already realize, I’ve kind of abandoned this blog. It’s been a few months… Happy summer! I’m back!

I thought maybe I should get back to regularly posting and sharing the clothes and people that make me happy. So here I am, sharing a post featuring my favorite jumpsuit and my adorable friend Teddi.


If you’ve ever worn a jumpsuit for more than an hour, you know the major flaw with jumpsuits (and rompers for that matter): going to the bathroom. If the zipper is in the back, you need a trusted friend to come with you to the bathroom for zipper help. This jumpsuit? Help is required. That’s where Teddi comes in!


Yeah gurl.


Teddi recently got this adorable dress with a pearled collar and I asked her to wear it to work one day so that she could take some photos with me afterwards. Because she’s a good friend, she did just that. Oh and she zipped me into and out of this jumpsuit.



Teddi is my shopping pal. Mostly, she goes shopping in my closet. Sometimes, she comes in and shops with me in person. Always, she opts for a fit and flare dress. And it looks good on her! But c’mon teddi, branch out and try something new. One day I’ll post her wearing a jumpsuit. It’ll be in about 300 years but she’ll go for it then.


The first time I met Teddi was during Welcome Week at NYU, on a group walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Teddi kept insisting we’d be best friends. I was skeptical. But look at us now! We’re Netflix friends, Hulu pals, and the best pet-sitting duo there ever was.



European vibes!



Love that pearl collar/wine lipstick/cat-eye sunnies combo. Presh!
Kinda grandma-glam. Glama? That’s a good way of describing Teddi, she’s my fairy glamother.



If you want to know what I’ve been living in all summer, here it is: culottes. Not only are they super trendy, but they’re extremely easy to wear. When the heat is so bad and the humidity is at its stickiest, I don’t want my thighs to stick to the bench on the subway, and culottes are the perfect silhouette for max air flow and minimum thigh exposure. When I saw this denim culotte jumpsuit at Eloquii’s booth at #TheCURVYCon, I had to try it on.

I’m not a big jumpsuit person. I like them- I’m just scared of them not fitting right. I’m scared the torso will be too short and weird things will happen in the crotch area. Thanks to this super stretchy, bra-friendly jumpsuit, I’m getting over my jumpsuit fear.


Here’s our outfit details:

Denim Culotte Jumpsuit – Eloquii
Flatform Sandals – Target
Bucket Bag – Rebecca Minkoff bought at a stoop sale, similar here
Sunglasses – Hey Gorgeous!

Pearl Collar Dress – Betsey Johnson, at Lord & Taylor
Flats –  similar here
Sunglasses – Quay Australia, here
Lipstick – Maybelline 24 Hr in Everlasting Wine



Like always, a huge thank you to my boyfriend Joe who doubles as my photographer when I’m nice to him. And to Teddi, for being Teddi. ❤


PS- Did you know that Brittany Vu is moving to NYC at the end of August?! Teddi is so excited, she cannot contain it.



Bicoastal Besties

My bestie from back home came to visit. She left her extremely hectic overwhelming life as a Hollywood assistant in LA for the most hectic and overwhelming city in the world- and to see me. This was her first time visiting me since moving out of Manhattan. We filled the trip with Broadway shows, singing Hamilton, and of course letting her catch up with my friends who might like her more than they like me. Because everyone likes Brittany. Just look at her!



That right there is a cool girl.

Though we may appear as total opposites (because I’m tall and blonde and curvy and Brittany is none of those), we are soul sistas who love musicals, eating all the ethnic foods, belting La Vie Boheme at the start of all road trips, and remembering the #basic girls that wore Ed Hardy tracksuits in high school…




I’m trying to convince Brittany that she needs to move to NYC. This girl has the, “busy, buzz off plz,” look stamped on her forehead. The, “overdressed and over-stressed,” look together perfectly. She would make such a great New Yorker. Plus, she doesn’t even like kale.


Though I am critical of Brittany’s ombre hair looking, “Soooo LA!” she is killin the cold weather fashion game that is February in NYC. Sassy Sam Edelman booties, a camel coat, and Ray Bans for the occasional sunny day.

Get Brittany’s look:

Coat: ASOS, also available in Petite and Tall.
Booties: Sam Edelman
Shades: Ray Bans
Scarf: Target. Similar here.
Pants: Uniqlo


Brittany is the reason that I have seen Jimmy Fallon’s show in person 4 times, the reason why I am still entering the Hamilton lottery even though I have already seen it (I know, envy me!), the reason why I am up-to-date on literally anything pop culture related at all. She is my fan girl friend, my internet-aholic pal, my social media savvy superstar, my extreme movie watcher woman, my content-consuming confidant. She is the Beyonce to my Adele. She is the Mindy Kaling to my Lena Dunham. The Tina Fey to my Amy Poehler.



Above is Brittany’s face when reading news that the next Star Wars lead is going to be a Vietnamese American woman. (Are you reading this, Kelly Marie Tran?? Because if you are, I got the perfect assistant for you. And you need to up your social media game, girl!)  She is clawing her way up the Hollywood ladder to change our mediascape for the better, to finally include some diverse women in the industry. While I try to better the lives of plus size women through fashion, Brittany is fashion (obviously), and she wants us to consume media that is created by someone who looks more like her. And for that, we bow down. Because it is just too damn hard to name 5 Asian female actresses in Hollywood, and that is messed up.



A big shout out to my dear Brittany Vu for encouraging me to work harder and reminding me why I am doing what I am doing, for always introducing me to the most delicious Asian foods, and for being the best person to sing along with to Hamilton. You can follow her on Instagram @brittanyvu, but you should really follow her on Twitter @missbvu so you can stay up to date on her fangirling.

Cool Girl

I think it’s hard for me to pull off a sporty, cool girl look. Though I love androgynous fashion, I really struggle making that look my own. Anything tomboy-ish can be hard to interpret on a curvy body. Curves are, by nature, pretty feminine. But my style is my style, my shape doesn’t need to dictate my style. Every once in a while, I ditch the figure-embracing dresses and go for slouchy joggers.


I’m a cool girl, see? This is my ~street style~. (I’m trying to seem authentic here, go with it.)


Please don’t zoom in to see the cat hair on my pants. It is not cute.



Jacket: Target, similar here.
Top: Hey Gorgeous!, similar here.
Joggers: H&M, similar here.
Sneakers: Aldo
Necklace: Baublebar, similar here.

If you feel like your shape dictates your style, I encourage you to challenge that. If you think that an oversized tunic and leggings are the best look for you to cover your butt and hide your tummy, try a girly structured fit and flare dress. If fit and flare dresses are the only silhouette you think works for your hips, try jeans and a slightly cropped top like this one that hits above hips. Dress for you, dress the style that you want to wear. But please, promise me you won’t compromise fit for style. There is nothing less attractive than a girl who clearly feels uncomfortable wearing clothes that are 2 sizes too small. Feel good in what you wear, the way you feel will show through the clothes.


Like always, a big thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with me trying on 40 outfits  and taking 10000 photos for me to only pick 5.

Snow Chic

Well- there was a huge blizzard. Maybe you heard about it? No snow all winter, a 70 degree December, and then bam. One Saturday spent snowed in. Result: ~30 inches of snow, two bottles of wine drank, and lots of new episodes watched on Netflix.


After lots of kitty snuggles and a full day in pajamas, it was time to get out again.




Yikes. Those bikes are buried.


I stole my boyfriend’s flannel, and glammed it up with some red lipstick. In NYC, a touch of glam can’t hurt.


Boots: L.L. Bean
Leggings: Lyssé at Hey Gorgeous!Bag: similar here.
Flannel: stole from my boyfriend, Joe. Sorry (not sorry) Joe! Similar here.
Coat: from Hey Gorgeous!, similar here.
Gloves: Orvis, similar here.
Sunglasses: Old Navy, similar here.
Hat: Forever 21, similar here. Fun fact: I was once cat-called as a, “Witch…cowboy,” in this hat. Which I most definitely took as a compliment.


Like always, shout out to my boyfriend who not only took these photos, but who donated his shirt and lost feeling in his toes for this post. He wasn’t wearing snow boots, smh.


Into The Woods

I recently got my favorite coat of all time- the snuggliest, softest, prettiest, yummiest coat there is. It’s from Hey Gorgeous! who is the U.S. exclusive retailer of the Persona collection by Marina Rinaldi, an amazing Italian brand by Max Mara. This coat is by far the nicest piece of clothing that I have ever owned.



My boyfriend and I took a little nature adventure into the woods. The coat saved me from the chilly wind and I saved it from coming too close to dirt and leaves.



I wore the coat over my pretty and  easy boho top, boyfriend jeans, and my new favorite booties.









Is there anything better than a fuzzy coat that feels like butter?? This faux fur feels as good (or better..?) as the real thing.
And it is SO. WARM.

This look was an easy weekend boho outfit, because we all know I have that hippie California girl in me. This look is sloppy, but in a cool way. Like jeans with holes in the right places. I like them like that, sorry (not sorry). A woman stopped me in the grocery store to say, “Hon! Hey hon! There’s a hole in your pants,” and then snickered to herself. Isn’t that nice of her to point out to me? #helpful

Outfit Details:
Boyfriend Jeans, Boho Top, Shearling Jacket – Hey Gorgeous!
Booties – Nordstrom

Like always, shout out to my great boyfriend, Joe, who took these photos and skipped some rocks with me.