Polka Dots on a Stoop

Cozy fall weekends are the best. I love flowy silhouettes (it’s the hippie in me) and snuggly layers. I absolutely adore this maxi dress by PLY. They are a really great local designer duo out of NYC, and they’re a great couple. It’s from Hey Gorgeous!, of course. I styled it up my way, pretty boho- with a big blanket scarf, my go-to denim jacket, and a floppy felt hat.

We shot this look on a stoop a couple of doors down from me, one whose ivy I’ve admired for a while. I love the stoops of the brownstones in my neighborhood.










I usually am not much of a drop-waist girl but I love this dress. The tea-length fit, the print, the way it lays, the feel. Paired with tights, I will wear this into the winter. It even is a great lay-around-the-house outfit!

This blanket scarf is big and so cozy- it will be fantastic into the cold depths of NYC winter. But the little fuzzies on the scarf get absolutely everywhere. Including all over Joe’s coat. Sorry Joe!

This look felt so me. Comfortable. Cozy. Great for a fall afternoon spent getting late brunch then scrolling the internet looking for Halloween costume inspiration.

Dress: by PLY Apparel, from Hey Gorgeous!
Scarf: H&M
Denim Jacket: handed down from my mother, similar here.
Bag: thrifted.
Shoes: DSW
Hat: Forever 21

Fabulous Las Vegas


Las Vegas. It’s a weird place.

Joe’s sister was getting married in Vegas, and we took full advantage of the situation. Between the wedding, the animals, and the cool ferris-wheel-open-bar situation we had a really fun time. I have to say, it is not exactly my kind of place. I like authenticity and culture and this odd place is a replica of many of these authentic places all lumped together in one unwalkable town. There’s a pyramid, there’s an Italian villa, there’s a version of the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State building all on the main stretch.

We stayed at the Flamingo Hotel, and we ran into these guys…



Then we met this Komodo Dragon guy…


See this pool? We went in that. See that ferris wheel thing behind it?

We did that too. And there was a full (open) bar inside. As many drinks as we want while it goes around for a half hour? Yes please.






You may recognize that dress from my last post… It was a great Vegas dress!

We had a great time exploring.





I wore this outfit to a magic show, then out and about. Props to my boyfriend, Joe, for these cute pics. I love this outfit. The desert weather meant I pulled out all of my summer clothes for a second. How nice! Hello sandals!

Crop Top: ASOS Curve.
Denim Jacket: handed down from my mom. Similar here.
Sandals: Birkenstocks.
Necklace: H&M.
Earrings: Baublebar (in gold here).


And then there was the wedding.

FullSizeRender(11)  IMG_2053

IMG_2084     IMG_2075

IMG_1587 IMG_1589


I had a great time getting all dolled up for this wedding! My glam up do- and Joe in a tux!!!



Fabulous Las Vegas was about what Brandon Flowers cracked it up to be. I had a great time. I’m in no rush to get back to it, but it sure was a fun getaway.

Brooklyn Girl

Here goes my first outfit on my new blog.

I am a Brooklyn girl now, I moved from Manhattan in May after graduating from NYU. I love my new neighborhood. It’s just beautiful- lots of great brownstones and amazing tree-lined streets.

My rooftop is pretty spectacular as well- great views and great vibes. There is something special about it at sunset that you just don’t get to see from street-level. I asked my boyfriend to snap some shots of me at sunset on the roof. These rooftop sunsets are golden and dreamy.


IMG_1707Smart cut outs but a flowy silhouette make for a subtly sexy but still extremely comfortable dress. I am lovin it.

IMG_1709I paired it with booties and a military green light jacket to dress it down a bit. The lighting in this image makes the color of the dress so vibrant.



IMG_1697My boyfriend, whom I lovingly coerced into taking these photos, pointed out that my tattoo shows perfectly through the keyhole.


Hello, sunshine.


Dress: Asos Curve.
Jacket: thrifted. Similar here and here.
Booties: cannot remember for the life of me. Similar here.
Earrings: gifted to me from my boyfriend. Similar here.

I wore a strapless bra with this dress, because, ya just gotta on this one. Besides the bra, the outfit was really comfortable. I am headed to Vegas this week (!!) and am so excited to bring this dress with me. With some flashy jewels and heels, this dress will so fun in Vegas.

Oh and Joe wants me to order seamless.


My First Post

Why I’m blogging:

I love reading fashion and style blogs. I love putting together outfits, picking out clothes, helping my friends shop. When I was in high school, feeling dejected about how shopping with my skinny friends left me always feeling disappointed, I discovered plus size fashion blogs. These girls had styyyle. They were non-skinny girls who looked good in clothes. Woah. I didn’t know this was possible, it was the first time I ever saw anyone with curves and style. And they even called themselves fat! Gabi Gregg of gabifresh.com, at the time called her blog Young, Fat & Fabulous and that title definitely struck a chord with me. I was young! I was fat! I was fabulous! All I could think was, “That girl looks great even though she is way bigger than me.” It was very important to me at that time that I told myself I was smaller-than-plus and that I pointed out that she was “way bigger than me.” I didn’t want to identify as fat or plus the way these girls did (but at the same time I was begging for H&M to have pants in a bigger size. Just one size up, please!). These blogger babes were bigger than me and  had way cooler style. Boom! It was attainable aspiration like I had never had before. I wanted to be her and she was not unlike me.

Yes, I can often fit in straight sizes but straight sizes were not made with a my-size girl in mind. After years of discovering little things about myself (like plus sizes fit my shape a million times better) and being true to myself (c’mon, I am plus sized and identifying as plus is totally fine), I am finally doing what those cool leaders in the plus fashion world do: they blog about it.